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Third Nine Weeks!  

Hello everyone,

Lots of information below...please read! Strawbridge photos have just released their "Journey" photos. Be looking for these this week they are absolutely adorable. Also if you still have any report card envelopes or progress report papers still needing to be signed, please sign and return them as soon as possible. Our next progress reports will be going out the week of March 6 and report cards will go out shortly after break, so I need all our lovely envelopes back before the intercession.

Behavior Management

This nine weeks we will be starting a new behavior management system following our CARDS Rules and Consequences. We will be using a clip system where students will move clips according to behavior during the day. Positive behaviors will involve clips moving up for rewards, where negative behaviors will involve clips moving down for consequences. Information regarding colors has been added to the other class info link above. ClassDojo will continue to be used as a way of keeping up with CARDS Cash and parent communication. However, students will not only document their cash points at the end of the day in their agenda, but the color they end their day with as well. 


Methods of communication will continue to include ClassDojo, emails and student agendas for parents who do not have internet access. Behavior points and colors will be recorded each day in student agendas. I am available on Dojo between the hours of 6 AM and 6 PM. After 6 PM my quiet hours begin which means my responses may not be as frequent, as my phone will not alert me I have a new message. If you need a new code for Dojo, please let me know. Due to the AVID push in third grade, we are asking that parents check nightly in agendas for messages and homework. Students will be checked each week to document if they are correctly filling out agendas each day and if they are acquiring your signatures each night.


We have concluded our text structure unit and will be following up with our idioms unit. Students will be learning about the differences between literal and nonliteral phrases. In celebration of Read Across America Day this Thursday, we will be doing many poems to emphasize our figurative language learning. Our Character Day Parade will take place on Thursday, March 2 at 2:00 to conclude our celebrations for the day! Your child will be allowed to dress as their favorite book character and we are encouraging students to bring in the book that represents their character! In science and social studies we will be hitting on regions in the U.S. Topics such as what makes a region and how are regions alike and different will lead the way for student's research in their final PROBE journal this nine weeks. We will also be covering culture in our country, how it is different in these regions, and other parts of the world. In math we are continuing our area and perimeter studies with topics such as fractions and finding the area of the shaded region, as well as finding area and perimeter of irregular shapes.

Third Nine Weeks Events

CONGRATS DORIAN FOR WINNING OUR MULTIPLICATION BEE! And a big shout out to Jackson, Adel, Daniel, Tito, and Andrew for all their hard work and guys were awesome and we're very proud of you! Way to represent the class. Go out and support our Dorian at the county wide competition on March 21 at Blue Creek. AIG testing will be wrapping up on Tuesday, February 28. Please be looking for Ms. Segebarth to contact you regarding test results and transitions from Child Nurturing to AIG.


Donations for the class include the following throughout the year: page protectors, colorful printer paper, glue sticks, crayons, binders, folders, highlighters, extra headphones, sanitizer, tissues and snack donations (store bought, not opened and no peanuts or tree nuts). This does not disclude any extra items you have that were on our supply list. We appreciate any help!

As always if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to ask.  You can email me at, respond on class dojo, or write a note in your child's agenda. I look forward to this next nine weeks! :D  

Thank you so much!

-Mrs. Hayes :)

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