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Welcome back everyone!  

Welcome everyone,

I am so excited to have you and your child in third grade this year! We have gotten off to a really good start so far and have already started covering some third grade material, however we are still reviewing those rules and procedures. Please read below and feel free to explore my webpage for more information about our class, including behavior, communication, homework and links to my symbaloo page for lots of extra resources to use at home. Feel free to contact me by email or message me on the Class Dojo app if you've signed up.

Paperwork and Fees

If you have not turned in your child's paperwork or paid school fees, please submit that information as soon as possible. If you need an extra set of paperwork because you misplaced the last set, please just let me know and I will be more than happy to send that home for you. School fees are still being accepted. If you have questions about the fees, including the new computer fee, please let me know.


Methods of communication will include ClassDojo, emails and student agendas for parents who do not have internet access. Behavior points and colors will be recorded each day in student agendas. I am available on Dojo between the hours of 6 AM and 6 PM. After 6 PM my quiet hours begin which means my responses may not be as frequent, as my phone will not alert me I have a new message. If you need a new code for Dojo, please let me know. Due to the AVID push in third grade, we are asking that parents check nightly in agendas for messages and homework. Students will be checked each week to document if they are correctly filling out agendas each day and if they are acquiring your signatures each night.


This week we will be conducting many assessments to determine your child's reading levels and the third grade concepts your child already understands. Wednesday, August 2, we will be completing our Beginning of Grade ELA/Reading Assessment (known as the BOG). This test is considered a baseline to determine growth at the end of the year. Parents will be notified when scores are released. Please spend time discussing with your child that though this assessment should be taken seriously, it is not meant to stress them out. Get plenty of sleep, eat a healthy breakfast, and PLEASE BRING CHARGED LAPTOPS to class, but don't stress. This Monday, July 31, our beginning of year reading level assessment window opened and will close on August 18. During this time I will be reading with each student to determine if any reading growth has been made since the end of the year. This test will be performed 2 more times in the course of the year: December for middle of year data, and May for end of year data. Students need to be at a Level P by the end of the year to be considered proficient in third grade. More information about your child's reading level will be released at report card time.

Lessons/AVID/Child Nurturing (AIG)

This week we have been focusing on our testing strategies and Daily 5 procedures in reading. We've also been enjoying our Horrible Harry Moves to Third Grade reading. Ask your child how they've liked this book and what is some of the mischief that Harry and his enemy Sidney have gotten into in their new classroom! They have really enjoyed it. In social studies we've been focusing on what makes a good citizen and how students can show citizenship in their school, community and the world. We will be looking at nominating and electing our class president by the end of the week. In math we've been reviewing our place value up to the hundred thousands place value and how to express that number in standard, word and expanded form. Our child nurturing class has begun. Ms. Segebarth has pushed into class once a week to co-teach our social studies unit and has pulled our Child Nurturing friends twice a week. AIG testing for the Child Nurturing students will not take place until after Christmas break. Mrs. Newsome has also started pulling our Title I students that were a part of the program from last year. We have also started focusing on some of our AVID strategies in third grade such as organization, agendas, and 2 column note taking. More information about AVID will come home with your child later.


Donations for the class include the following throughout the year: page protectors, index cards, post-its, colorful printer paper, highlighters, dry erase markers, extra headphones, sanitizer, tissues and snack donations (store bought, not opened and no peanuts or tree nuts). This does not disclude any extra items you have that were on our supply list. We appreciate any help!

As always if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to ask.  You can email me at, respond on class dojo, or write a note in your child's agenda. More information will be coming home with your child that includes volunteer activites and hours, as well as more information about the classroom procedures. I look forward to working with your child and you this year! :D  

Thank you so much!

-Mrs. Hayes :)

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