Why Should We Use a Family Media Agreement?
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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Is your child spending more time online than usual? Is their cell phone or laptop their constant companion. Do you let some of your rules about technology slide? Now is the perfect time of year to re-establish the ground rules with a Family Media Agreement.


A family media agreement (or technology contract or whatever you may call it) can help you establish (or re-establish) rules and guidelines on internet use such as:

  • How many hours a day can be spent on the computer, tablet, cell phone or playing video games?
  • Which Social Media sites are allowed - if any?
  • Are mobile devices allowed in bedrooms overnight? If not, what time should they be given to parents.
  • What web sites are off-limits?
  • What information can be or shouldn’t be shared online?

A family media agreement is also a great way to decide on and communicate consequences from that start so there are no misunderstandings. It is also a good way to introduce talking to your child about Internet Safety. The family media agreement we have attached is appropriate for students in grades Kindergarten through 5th grade. Pick and choose the rules and guidelines that make sense for your family members. Change them over time. The rules for your 12-year old may not be good fit for your 8 year old.  The ultimate goal is for your childe to internalize the rules and guidelines and make good decisions on their own in the future.

Encouraging responsible digital citizenship is an everyday job for parents, in our mobile, social, “always-on” society.



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